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The Spheresoft Real-Time Highlighter for Microsoft Excel

Highlight cells in real-time in MS Excel

  $25 - immediate electronic delivery

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Real-time highlighting is now available for users of the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet environment.  The Spheresoft Highlighter allows users to specify that cells in their spreadsheets automatically highlight when the values in those cells change in real-time. The Highlighter provides the unique ability to visualize changes to data in cells as they occur, using different colors to highlight increases in value and decreases in value.

The Highlighter is especially useful for institutional traders, day traders, risk managers, financial advisors and consultants, and other professionals who use spreadsheets that incorporate real-time market data feeds, such as stock market information.

It is also useful for anyone who creates complex spreadsheet models and wants to see which output cells are affected by changes to input cells.


  • Automatically highlight cells in user-specified ranges
  • Highlighter works on cells that change as a result of real-time DDE links, OLE automation, calculations, or direct user input
  • Highlights can flash/blink for a specified time, or stay colored until the spreadsheet changes again or are cleared by the user
  • Separate highlight colors for up-ticks and down-ticks
  • User-customization of highlight colors and the length of the highlight
  • Fully compatible with the industry-standard Microsoft Excel spreadsheet environment

Software Developers

The features of Spheresoft Highlighter make an excellent addition to many Excel-based add-ins and other software products. If you would like to learn more about embedding the Spheresoft Highlighter in your product as an OEM, please let us know. Thanks.

Purchase your copy of the Spheresoft Highlighter today:

  $25 - immediate electronic delivery

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